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Tue Oct 23 02:57:20 EST 2001

>I wish to know how the responses of Autonomic nervous system can be measured

It might be there heeded that if messing into internal akasha with artificial
vibes, irregardless how invasive that is, it might be called non-invasive.

I would like to know more about Indian internal arts.

I heard of a guy, he could drink a liquid in a colour, and seemed to have
different colours there, and then piss out that liquid in a rather short time
after he drank it, in that same colour.

I wondered what internal overrides it would take to what systems to really be
able to do that --- if that was a true story.

BTW, there are ranges in magic, yellow, same stuff as on church wall, and now,
I am no expert there, but anyway, there is hell of an access into some internal
aspects there possible if on them, and though it might be regarded as magically
still "invasive", if it is done with mutual consent I assume there are various
systems where on them ranges dominant one might get hell of an access.

Not my thingie, I have different interests in magic, and the few times I got
such it more scared me, that is not the access I was after there in my LSD
brain vampiring a bit for non-MBD brain capacities co-use in tunings and some
other aspects, ... I am more into LSD grey magic with my interests and there
rather narrow areas, a lot to do with back occipital tunings for example, or
what I refer to in wider meanings as back shareware (meaning more sectors) and
the yellow healer ranges are more suited for white magic, but anyway, no idea
what you call autonomic nerveous systems, but if you ever figure out what brain
sector goes centrally active when yellow halo is dominant, and look at a brain
map what is right next to that sector and where that one has connections to, it
might be found interesting in white magic considerations.

                 Acid Head 4 II

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