Neuroscience and Wittgenstein

Niels Baden nielsbaden at
Thu Oct 25 14:47:42 EST 2001

I have a question about the connection between brain (not mind) and
language. I have been studying the history of ideas for two years, and now I
trying to connect that field of knowledge and specially Wittgensteinian
philosophy to the field of brain scanning.
So does anybody know about anyone, who tried to discuss phenomenology and
data of brain scannings on a Wittgenstein basis? I see this as a very
difficult task. The new phrenologist view about very specialized brain
centres will have no room for Wittgenstein, and on the other side if you
completely agree with Wittgensteins language philosophy it will terminate
phenomelogical interpretation of the brain scanning data.
Can there be established a middle way?
/Niels Baden, Denmark.

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