anandamide and THC in neuroethology versus nepetalactone

Liar42 liar42 at
Thu Oct 25 07:06:48 EST 2001

Don't know.

But I know the cats here seem more greedy for catnip 
than me for THC (actually haven't even smoked any in months), 
and there seems to be no such greed I ever noticed from me for catnip,
and I did not notice a cat yet so greedy for THC as various humans.
There I have some doubts about high similarities between the substances.
If there were more similar THC smokers should crave catnip more and cats THC
Also plain that craze the cats here get when trying to get at the catnip in a
drawer sometimes: I have not seen a human react like that to THC.

Also that head rubbing of the cats here if I ever let them sniff it, while at
the same time maybe not really seeming out for cuddling, I find not comparible
to the sexual flash interests that some THC smokers seem to notice, or at least
I have not heard of excessive head rubbing there yet.

Simplified I have seen many THC smokers 
and seen them two cats here various times high on catnip, 
and I do not find the effects comparible,
nor did I observe so far cats out for inhaling from what we call a Blubber, nor
humans going in a frenzy for a drawer to sniff catnip.

Might not be what you are looking for,
but I just thought I can as well spell these thoughts out instead of just
thinking them wordlessly.

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