Increased blood flow detected by fMRI scans?

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Fri Oct 26 13:23:39 EST 2001

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> > Could these, perhaps, outweight the ion pump cost?
> In localised regions that seems possible. I find it very difficult to
> about such matters, quantification is a hassle here. Recently read an
> article (sorry, can't reference it, just a browse), which suggested that
> synapses are not 'constant', that a synapse will degrade but another
> immediately or concurrently arises to 'take its place'. It does seem
> plausible that even in a 'non-learning' CNS region there is a certain
> of synaptic restructuring etc taking place. It may be the case that an
> activated CNS region experiences a certain number of synapse 'deaths' as a
> natural consequence of activity, so maintenance of synaptic integrity(and
> imagine this requires transcription) at high levels of activity could
> outweight ion pump cost? Interesting question, thanks because I know
> all about synaptic formation.
> John H.

My .02 ECU's
Yan had this interesting theory about the restructuring of the brain during
Is this what your looking for ?


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