Increased blood flow detected by fMRI scans?

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> > > Could these, perhaps, outweight the ion pump cost?
> >
> >
> > In localised regions that seems possible. I find it very difficult to
> think
> > about such matters, quantification is a hassle here. Recently read an
> > article (sorry, can't reference it, just a browse), which suggested that
> > synapses are not 'constant', that a synapse will degrade but another
> > immediately or concurrently arises to 'take its place'. It does seem
> > plausible that even in a 'non-learning' CNS region there is a certain
> amount
> > of synaptic restructuring etc taking place. It may be the case that an
> > activated CNS region experiences a certain number of synapse 'deaths' as
> > natural consequence of activity, so maintenance of synaptic
> I
> > imagine this requires transcription) at high levels of activity could
> > outweight ion pump cost? Interesting question, thanks because I know
> bugger
> > all about synaptic formation.
> >
> > John H.
> My .02 ECU's
> Yan had this interesting theory about the restructuring of the brain
> sleep.
> Is this what your looking for ?

No thanks Brian, perhaps later. At present I'm trying to write up some
papers on neurodegeneration. You may have gathered this current
preoccupation by the nature of my posts. It is proving extremely difficult,
I'm happy to make it a part time hobby and leave the real work to the bods.
As a layman the challenge in creating a good conceptual structures in order
to deal with the relevant research has proved hard enough, the last thing my
attentionally challenged brain needs is something else to think about!

Why won't someone prescribe me Dexedrine? Or for a challenge L deprenyl ...

John H.

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