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>Takes too long basically, new memories can be formed in minutes and hours.<

Various in seconds in my head.

Less than that, actually, just meaning some stuff that's supposed to last for a

>New connections, and each neurons can have thousands of these, is what allows
new learning.<

I do not see why new connections should be needed to learn as such.

Alterations in the hardware might allow differing capacities, though, but also
be in the way of other stuff.

Like doing some stuff a lot of times might make some other stuff more difficult
or impossible.

Anyway, I do not see why new connections would be needed to learn something,
but altered hardware might help to enable differing capacities, and in that I
regard it more relevant.

>Don't be silly and rely on your own 'feelings' either <

With a bunch of drugs I rely on systems informations about that;
it is not like these days I can get the stuff in the pharmacy with exact
contents and amount indications and a date for how long the stuff is O.K. ...
and I have come to regret times I did not heed systems warnings well enough,
that by now they got quite some power with my consent.

One of the latest was when I had stop signals for mescalin and did not force
down a bunch more then,
like the two others there did, who then both seemed to not feel that well from
that for a while, while I did not have the problems that they described.

But I learned to listen internally to such.

Not that I always do it.

Anyway, if I get a bunch of systems protests filing in 
I tend to take it serious when it is more powerful.

The less relevant seeming stuff I might regard more like that I do not care
that much.

Simplified on the black market to heed internal warnings might be rather
relevant for internal health aspects at times.

As long as the ruling block the pharmacies it will go on that there are a lot
of deaths caused by their attempts to legalize themselves possessions over
others and it not being possible to get clean stuff with exact content and
amount indications in the pharmacies.

With that it might always be a certain gambling to a bunch if buying it.

There are stories around from persons having died of rat poison that was sold
as some drug, or from other stuff.

So internal systems indications are highly relevant if one has a certain
interest when taking something to know if that is O.K.

I even had it that there was some Miracle Whip, and I sniffed it and knew that
for me it was likely to be O.K., I have eaten such in worse conditions and
still did not have many problems from it, but I doubted it would be O.K. for
the person I travelled with.

So I told her that I am not sure if it is O.K. for her,
and that if I were alone I'd eat the rest of the old one, 
but as I am not sure if it is O.K. for her we can also open the new one we had
along and use that.

She wanted that we use the old one, so we mixed it with the stuff we ate and
ate out of the same bowl.

Next day she still seemed to have this greenish tinge in her face and was still
not feeling well.

I had no problems from the old Miracly Whip.

Guess I should have opened the new one, but I had assumed that she knows her
own systems well enough that she can tell.

Anyway, there I basically already had sort of had a distance indication that
for her it might not be O.K.

Like knowing for me it is O.K. and for her maybe not.

Meaning that I had it that I did not just sense for my systems but straight
someone else's and better than that person it seems.

I have no reason to distrust various systems indications as they tend to work
rather well in context with such.

Not just there.

When I was young I had it that I had been ill and wanted to go out and my
mother tried to predict me that then it would get worse.
No, it did not, next morning I was good as healthy.

A doctor told me with some stuff if I don't let her at it it will get bad.

I did not let her at it, I had fixed it O.K. enough, and it did not get bad, it
healed off fine.

Guess these are differing examples, but anyway, I am long enough systems of
this head that various aspects have not escaped me entirely, and to this
belongs also at times what to make of systems warnings.

It is my experience with other humans that where I start to warn they might not
take it serious, like the person I warned several times that I am not sure that
that Miracle Whip is still O.K. for her;
another landed even on the floor after he ignored my warnings in some magic
also it is my experience that at times other humans warn me about something
that is comparitively harmless to other stuff, 
however when I have some serious problems, like being short of hitting the
floor or some other severe health problems, then it might that it is not taken
serious at all by someone or several.

Therefore I do not share that attitude with not relying on what there was
called 'feelings', though I might more regard it as systems warnings being

If I take a cocktail of stuff I tend to heed such to an extent.

Might be one of the reasons why after a bunch of drugs I am still smurfing
around without major central problems from that.

(Not that I say they never made damages.)

>> > > Neurons are the critical elements in intelligence, <<


>These interconnections are far more important to intelligence than the
number of neurons in our brain <

However own I attitudes might be regarded as being among the most relevant.

If someone sticks his intelligence to who shot what football goal on what year,

and else is not interested much in reading or thinking much, 
if anything to watch some porn or horror film, 

it might matter little how many connections or cells he has.

While someone with brain damages who is out for certain stuff might still not
be the most stupid on Earth there.

If someone is illusionary he might be able to learn stuff, however his
assumptionts treated like facts mix into the learning and also the outcome, and
with that what he is writing might be mostly erratic shite,
one error after the other treated like facts, facts warped to fit believes, and
so on.

... I need to get off the computer, my partner needs the phone.

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