You Must Remember This

Liar42 liar42 at
Mon Oct 29 14:44:23 EST 2001

>Example... Turn off one of these enzymes (using your favorite turn-off-gene
technology, such as RNA(i)). Does that affect memory acquisition, or any other
identifiable process?<

First impressions, mice abuse aside,
were some mumblings, that might be very wrong, but translated to English and a
bit altered the contents were these:

If the sector's substuff got one into the gob 
because there is some substance production no longer functioning as it should,
then it might be that there are disturbances in the sector.
And with that relevant stuff for memory storing there might not work properly

If something were disturbed for which that enzyme is relevant, then there
remains still the question if it would be a chain-effect leading to that, or
really and particularily that enzyme as such being of relevance directly.

> (...) even if the answer isn't exactly what they suggested.<

I let that stand the way it was written.

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