OmeJozz janogeffe at
Mon Oct 29 20:41:26 EST 2001

Hi all,

I've seen some different kind of settings where people tried to influence a
dot on a computerscreen by brainwave activity. The person wears a headband
of some kind with 3 or more sensors wich connect to a computer wich in turn
translates the brainactivity in an action on the screen. I believe a Andrew
Junker was one of the people who realy got things going on that.
I'm looking for information (books or internet pages) on this subject so i
could try to experiment with something similar. All of this ofcourse in a
hobbyist kind of way because i'm (obviously) not a scientist but just very

I've found some information on where to buy a set with wich i could get
started but this costs about $2000, and i'm not a rich dude so i'm looking
for the "homebuild" version. If there is a thing like that.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can get me on my way.


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