Neuroscience and Wittgenstein

Filip van den Bergh F.S.vandenBergh at nospam
Tue Oct 30 04:40:21 EST 2001

An attempt at writing a reply, although I may fail miserably, as you have
demonstrated in this post that my previous one was not interpreted as
intended. I snipped occasionally, not to make it appear as if you said
things you didn't, but to keep the text small, as I tend to have a very
short concentration span.

> >You strike me as annoying
> most of the time<
> Has it occurred to you that there and in other texts I might actually have
> quite a good time to be exactly that?
> But maybe you haven't read me yet if I wish to get real annoying, I guess,
> these are actually the harmless levels.

But has it occured to you that I occasionally like being annoyed? If I had
not had that quality, you'd be on my blocked senders list, as I'm sure you
are on many others'.

> > (well, almost never),<
[snipped lots]

> > "Something that I can seldom understand what you are talking about."
> Never mind.

Great, but I don't understand many more things than just you, so I didn't
mind to start with.

> > but besides all of that I liked reading your posts.<
> I doubt you particularily enjoyed this one.

This particular remark made me reply as extensive as I did. Why would you
think I didn't like this post? I do not feel offended, and I doubt you are
capable of truly offending me (this is not meant as a challenge).

> The header mentioned "students": Do you study anytning and if so what and
> towards what goal?

I'm a biological psychologist in a few months. My goal is to enjoy my
studies and make sure that my work/studies do not interfere with things that
matter to me more.

> > But this is just offensive.<
> "So you don't know anything about Wittgenstein (...).
> Thats great, why didn't you just write that instead?"
> "You are just too stupid to understand the meaning of the words "me not"."
> Would you say that you were not offensive there at all?

I have no idea why you write "you" here, as I never wrote that in the first
place. You didn't write this reply based upon the assumption that I wrote
this Wittgenstein stuff now, did you? I only said you were offensive because
I'm used to more poetic replies from you. I agree with you that the original
poster was somewhat offensive towards you, but I excuse his behavior
because: 1) you and your replies are not easy to deal with, especially for
newcomers who do not yet have the ability to ignore or block your posts 2) I
do not expect poetic replies from the original poster because I don't know

> And if you have to admit you were, what does it bother you if I am, too?
> > I know you as much more poetic than that.<
> Now, I'll smurf off and think if I send you that poem ... if I still find
> It is like a dictionary to my vocabulary.
> (Maybe then you have more ideas what I am talking about.
> ... And maybe not.  ;-)

I've had few years of German in school, I /should/ be able to understand
most things you have written.

Anyway, Mo"gen anderen kommen und es besser machen (as Wittgenstein said)

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