"New" colours possible?

Urs Enke urs.enke at web.de
Tue Oct 30 18:26:43 EST 2001

>> In an correlational opponent process then it becomes possible to generate
a "new color" if the projection area or "subjective oscillon" is currently
not being used for other purposes.  Over time such an area may be
experienced as a new color with correlational interactions with traditional
colors.  In principle such procedures could work. <<

Thank you for your substantial insight! Being a layman, this sounds to me
like one would have to try some frequencies and check whether they aren't
already in use by other "feelings" (in a wider sense). Technical problems,
appearing however insurmountable, set aside, your optimistic undertone
sounds promising.

>> With time a person might be able to report what the subjective experience
was like. But logic suggest it would be like a person who can see red
explaining this to a color blind person. <<

Still, said person might be able to tell whether the experience was about
seeing a "new colour" at all. Once that were established, little would hold
me from enthusiastically volunteering for the next experiment of that
kind -- to me this feels like the one "great" experience science might hold
in store in my lifetime.

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