question: job of a neuron

Lars lars121 at
Sun Sep 2 22:03:30 EST 2001

Robert wants to know how "anything" can process perception or cognition. In
his case, he may be right. My advice to you Bob is to follow Richard
Norman's advice if that's within your realm.

"Robert Gurk" <bob.g at> wrote in message
news:9mt1db$408d8$2 at
> Lars wrote:
> > Is this a test? A neuron processes sensory perception and
> > cognition in an electro-chemical process establishing an
> > active network for motor, sensory and neural communication.
> You just failed the test, sorry. How can anything process
> perception or cognition? What is an active network for motor
> communication?
> Neurons communicate with other neurons, and sometimes they
> communicate with muscles and receptors, but only rarely does
> that happen within the brain.
> Bob

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