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Liar42 liar42 at
Mon Sep 10 19:17:59 EST 2001

>- what region of the brain controls concentration and memory

Several, and to do with different memory systems.

> sample neurological disorders that affect

You generalize systems too far, but for own I Alzheimer's is a relevant problem

Also in this room it seems not so likely that they go into own I stuff for
serious calling it so and regarding it in those functions, because there are
criminals here who hold other persons prisoners and treat them like possessions
just because they are of a related kind, and maim in their brain parts and
murder persons, and therefore, while delighting in how alike we are, it is not
custom to talk about own I in neurology, or at least I never noticed that so
far, but I did not keep track much of it in the last year.

Maybe I overlooked that.

Anyway, it is not customary to discuss own I relevance to some of the memory

In a room where there might be various pervert maimers of imprisoned persons
this is maybe also better not discussed, as some stuff I might in general not
discuss on the internet as long as crimes against persons who are not of our
ape kind continue.

It's just sci fi and did not sound realistic, anyway; why don't you just make
it up?

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