Question ?

Taechon karla at
Sun Apr 21 05:55:44 EST 2002

Marsel, thanks for the question mark.

"marsel" <nollec at> wrote in message
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> it depends what you want out of it?
> everyone does things, with a motive behind it or expectations,
> so i say go for it, because if it doesnt get u a great job then at
> least u walked away wiser nonetheless, and more importantly than
> helping others and turning into a monster (tacheon? lol)u might just
> see life in its simple form and be able to enjoy it me.(so
> it will help u more than anyone else)(and u will be changed forever)
> but thats up to u, and no it is not a waste of time, its time well
> spent buddy.
> do it and LIVE

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