brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> >Sorry to tell you this, but you really don't have a right to a job.
> >is
> >> >not the government's fault that you are lazy, incompetent and
> >inefficient.
> >> >It really makes little sense to pay someone $8 an hour to do some
> >repetitive
> >> >task that could be easily done by a machine, or a lower paid worker in
> >> >Mexico.
> >>
> >> >
> >> >You know what the secret to being employed is?  A valuble skill set
> >> >productive work habits.  I suggest you go to University and get a
> >of
> >> >some sort, so that you're no longer unskilled labour.
> >>
> >> Richard is right.  Apparently you don't live in the real world.
> >> Companies are cutting benefits and no one can do a thing about it,
> >> except the government.  Apparently your unaware of the corporate
> >> scandals of late whereby executives have "stolen" folks' retirement
> >> investments.  Have you not seen the sword come down upon their heads?
> >> The question remains however, as to how long the sword will keep it's
> >> edge.
> >
> >Those actions are crimes.
> >
> >And companies tend not to cut benefits from their USEFUL employees.  The
> >only reason people can't get higher paid work, is that they're not USEFUL
> >enough.
> Since you haven't seen Jesus, I would expect you to see things that way.

Oh I've seen him. He bored me, that's all.

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