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"Stranded Whales Dying Despite Rescuers' Efforts", By PAM BELLUCK

quoting from the article:

"WELLFLEET, Mass., July 30 - It looked like one of the most successful whale rescues people on Cape Cod could remember. But today those hopes were dashed."


"'They're not going to make it,' said A. J. Cady, deputy director of public affairs for one group of rescuers, the International Fund for Animal Welfare based in Yarmouthport, on Cape Cod. 'They're just too far gone. The best thing for the animals is to end their suffering.'"

i agree - end their Suffering, but am not so sure about what's actually the correct way to end their Suffering.

it's something i've 'wondered' about for a long 'time':

what if the whales - not only Pilots - but all of these Intelligent Beings who beach themselves, are doing so, after having reached consensus with respect to the need to Protest what humans're doing to, and in, the environment in which their Existence derives - the oceans?

what if it's an expressions of their Free Wills?

what if they are trying to get-the-'point'-across-to-us?

what if they are 'outraged' by what they experience as our 'heart'-less 'stupidity'?

and trying to make the 'point' in the only way they can?

sacrificing themselves, to protest the Savagery that's inflicted - by us - in their 'world' - by 'pointing'-to-it in their Dying?

perhaps this's why, after having been 'rescued' from a sandy-beach area, they tried-again(?), this 'time', pointing to a 'trash' area, in an attempt to communicate the analogous thing that we're doing to their world?

quoting from the article:

"Nature, it seemed, had stacked the cards against them. Whereas Monday's grounding had been on a fortuitously accessible beach, today's was in a remote salt marsh, a two-mile trek for rescuers and veterinarians.

The marsh was filled with mud snails and small crabs carving trails through the mud flats and microscopic parasites, called pin jimmies, swarmed in the ooze, forcing rescuers to douse their feet in hydrogen peroxide after leaving the marsh."

if i was a Whale, and my Children were being threatened, i'd do something like this.

k. p. collins

[quotes copyright, 2002, by The New York Times.]
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