Deprived people have more children. Why?

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"I.B.M. Opening a $2.5 Billion Specialized Chip Plant", By STEVE LOHR

"'The diversity is the big difference with this plant,' said Richard Doherty, president of Envisioneering, a research firm. 'It gives I.B.M. the capability to make so many different kinds of custom chips, and the world is going to custom chips.'"

pursuing rich-diversity works in Business, too.

k. p. collins

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Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>survival-conducive diverse experience drives neural activation in a
>commensurately-diverse fashion, which, because neuronal microscopic
>trophic modifications occur in a way that 'reflects' the neural
>activation that actually occurs, generates diverse neuronal
>microscopic modifications, which simultaneously preserves
>relatively-more neurons, and allows TD E/I-minimized convergence
>among them to occur in commensurately more ways.
>the more ways there are to achieve TD E/I-minimization, the stronger
>'creativity' [AoK, Ap5] becomes, and the easier it is to experience
>the inverting biological reward that functions as creativity's
>it's like i said in another post, diversely-rich experience 'levels
>the playing field' with respect to creativity and procreativity.
>but it really takes-off when how it all happens is understood [the
>'brain' gently-'hugged' by microscopic trophic modifications
>pertaining to its own functioning].
>ken [k. p. collins]
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>>'Feel free' to confine your answers to within the "sept"
>>niche') of Psychobiology -- since this is after all the
>>newsgroup. %-}
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