brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Bob LeChevalier wrote... 

>I did not call them "liars". They have their opinions about what Scripture
> means, and their opponents have their opinions about what Scripture
> means, and Christians have their opinions about what Scripture means. 
> Opinions held in good faith are not "lies" not matter how misplaced the faith
>might be.

Now you're waffeling again.  Earlier, when you called those Jews liars
you lumped them in with all "extremists" and said they were dishonestly
interpreting Scriptures for political gain.  Here are your very own
words from the other day...

  "Do you really think that Christians should care what one extremist   
   Jewish political group uses as arguments against another extremist
   Jewish political group?  For that matter, do you think that ANY   
   person, especially an extremist, trying to win a political argument  
   will interpret Scripture honestly and in a way unaffected by his
   political stance?  (Picking and choosing only those verses that   
   can be read to support his cause.)"

You are no doubt accusing those Jews which you've labeled "extremist
Jewish political group" of breaking the TEN COMMANDMENTS by saying they
are bearing false witness for political gain.  Simply put you're calling
them liars according to the Hebrew definition of the word "false" in
"false witness". The Hebrew word for "false" (as in false witness) is
"sheqer".  My Hebrew dictionary renders the following definitions for
sheqer:  "an untruth; a sham, deceit, feignedly, liar, lying"

So a Jew who understands his Torah, in Hebrew, would easily be able to
see that you did indeed call those Jews liars.

Yet you have every right to call them liars.  What you do not have the
right to do and remain "right" is to deny Mr. Knight the same right.
See, you are playing god again just as John said in the Jefferson
discussion, only this time you can call Jews but John Knight can't (in
your godlogic).


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