brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Aug 1 11:40:57 EST 2002

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Shadow Dancer wrote... 

>I am a sum of all the belief systems which have been a part of my life.  I
>think Jesus was a very misunderstood person who was far closer to God, as he
>understood him, than many have been, before or since.  Jesus himself said he
>was NOT God the Father.  Take another look at your Bible, Jd.
>I admire Jesus and strive to be much like him.  He was the greatest mage and
>healer this world has ever seen.
>I have several translations of the Christian Bible in my collection, along
>with books from many other man-made religions.  I doubt you can say the

Yet you told ParseTree that your version of Wiccas in no way had any
likeness to Christianity. Or words to that effect.

Here's how the conversation went... ParseTree said:

 "Regardless, most of Wicca is basically identical to Christianity."

To which you (Shadow Dancer) replied...

 "Not how I reflect it in my life, Parse."

It doesn't pay to be shifty and deceptive young lady.  When you do, it
makes women look like idiots.


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