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"Police alarmed over prospect of transporting abused youths", THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

"'We don't have a box of Pampers in each car,' King County Sheriff's Sgt. Cameron Webster said. 'I'm not sure we're the right people for the job. Traditional police often aren't the most sympathetic, soft kinds of individuals.'"

The 'resistance' is 'just' a 'normal' reaction to "rendering useless' [AoK, Ap8] with respect to that which is merely-familair, and 'normal' 'moving away from' that which is merely-unfamiliar.

With gentle nurturance, on the parts of folks who Love the Children - including deliberate effort to Honor the Rescuing acts of Law Enforcement folks - the stuff the article discusses will, gradually, fill-in a 'gap' that's existed in Law Enforcement strategies.

It's entirely-worthwhile that Low Enforcement folks experience, first-hand, the stuff of the garbage-bin environments into which Innocents are thrust through no 'fault' of their own.

When they come to understand that they're brushing-against Innocents who will, through their continued experiencing of the Tragic environmental dynamics that the Law Enforcement folks will Witness, through what's discussed in the article, become those with whom, years hence,  Law Enforcement must aggressively deal, the Law Enforcement folks will realize the True-Worth inherent in extending their Professional efforts into the Lives of the Innocents.

It's entirely-good.

Please Nurture the Law Enforcement folks' 'transition' through the "zone of randomness" [AoK, Ap4] with respect to the stuff that's discussed in the article. Join in the effort. Do not slough-it-off on Law Enforcement. Join them. Contribute with stuff-of-yourselves.

Do so by Recognizing and Honoring the Greatly-Worthy stuff that the Law Enforcement folks'll do.

Do so by becoming familiar with all that's inherent.

Do so by, yourselves, being ready to be-Available.

Corporations, join-in. Respect and Honor your Employees who join-in.

Encourage the shining-of-Light into the Lives of the Children.

Big-'Dividend' stuff inherent.

Praise the Law Enforcement folks who become involved.

Do not 'ho-hum' their Efforts.

Have a Day-of-Honor, in your local parks, where all such stuff - the folks who do it - are Honored, Remembered, Recognized [have plenty of hot dogs, and plenty of fun, too. have the local High School Band, playing-up a 'storm'-of-Joy. Make it a Day-of-Honor. Bring your own Children. The 'glow' will linger-on within your communities, gradually, gradually, Lighting-the-Fire in the 'hearts' of the Citizenry. And, from there, the sky's the limit. There'll be no stopping the Caring-Dynamics, inherent.

It's all so Do-Able.

A diaper, bottle, helping-hand, intervention-in-the-midst-of-violence, setting-example, etc., are the stuff through which the Children will become the Future that everyone wants for This Nation.

the Key is the Citizenry's casting-aside 'Laziness' with respect to Recognition and Honoring of Law Enforcement folks [everyone] who Rescue[s] the Children.

Let it be Badge-of-Honor stuff, because, in-Truth, the Consequences inherent, one way or the other, are 'just' that Worthy of the Citizenry's robust-Attention.

[Just think about what it'd mean if the stuff the article discussed was implemented around the globe. Instead of aiming, and delivering, bullets, aiming, and delivering, understanding, into the Lives of the Children, who so routinely sit-there, Hugely-ready-to-learn, but 'ignored' because, in their 'smallness', they are, supposedly, 'insignificant'. Truth is, they're the most-Significant Stuff on the face of the planet, as should be obvious to all, through the Ravaging that ensues as a result of their, so routinely, being 'discarded'.]

Honor the Law Enforcement folks who are being Challenged in the way that's discussed in the article.

Awesome Good-Stuff teeters upon the stuff of your Recognition, Generously-Given, or Ignorantly-Withheld.

k. p. collins
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