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Fri Aug 2 06:41:07 EST 2002

the 'null' result will, most-likely, correlate with nonsensical parsing of the Whale's Grammar.

work to isolate verbs - symbolic-directional-mapping: "come", "go", etc. separate and nouns: "food", etc. by parsing with respect to verbs.

think about it.

in the end, we'll be able to build a Whale 'amphitheatre', invite the Whales to come into it, and give lectures, 'translated' in real-time, via computers.

i'd Love to attend such talks.

it's a Certainty that this's do-able.

why not?

[well, the first things the Whales'd do is 'give us Hell' with respect to what we've been doing to their world, but at least, then, we'd be able to work with-them on the problem.]

beats a lot of stuff that we're pursuing with the same technology, no?

i think so.

think about the Worth inherent in their perspective.

k. p. collins
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