retinal projections - a black swan?

Thalamus zhil at
Fri Aug 2 16:16:41 EST 2002

There are TWO pathways from the retina (motion/direction vs shape/colour),
so it would take excessive place to have a feedback-mechanism from the
Occipital lobe.
And why should there BE any feedback anyway from the Occipital lobe ?
There are already a feedback-mechanism, when referring to the pupillary
constriction/dilation (via the cilliary ganglion) and it is mediated in the
Pretectum, not the Occipital lobe.


"C.J.L. Wolf" <C.J.L.Wolf at> skrev i melding
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> I'm looking for a reference to the effect that there are no
> back-projections to the retina - which I think I recall from UG
> courses.
> Many thanks,
> Kit Wolf

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