brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Fri Aug 2 20:15:47 EST 2002

On Fri, 02 Aug 2002 19:05:16 -0500, Joseph A Nagy Jr
<pagan_prince at> yelled from the fourth floor ward window,
and subsequently was sedated:

*>Zeus, Odin, and the other Gods/Goddesses are all part of the same 
*>exclusive club (you know, the one where you can do anything,
*>all the time). Now, who's to say that the
*>God are not part of that club? I mean, as far as 
*>Christianity/Islam/Muslim/Judaeism goes, there are indeed the same 
*>singular God (and don't forget that the Jew's were the first
converts to 
*>monotheism) who belonged to this club and decided he wanted to
*>himself to some puny mortal. Now, I don't know about you, but even
*>I'd be pretty impressed of a God in all his/her/it's glory came down
*>hang with me. I'd also be honored enough to give him praise. Bam,
*>just started a new religion, but the silly mortal doesn't know of
*>other Gods existance so he preaches a mono-theastic(sp) set of
*>Bam, now this God that was in the "All Gods/Goddesses Are Welcome"
*>now in the "Only I am Welcome" club. Of course the other Gods are
*>off partying and don't notice this until it's really too late and
*>of their followers convert. So now this little whelp has his own 
*>Pantheon. Whats a God with his own Pantheon to do? Why have an heir!
*>Don't forget that Zeus took other forms so he could come to Earth
*>well, fuck. And fuck he did. In comes Herecules. 'Course he's
*>compared to the big JC whose dad is in a Pantheon all to himself.
*>there is only his dad and him and a bunch of servants, he decides to

*>heal some people, replicate some food and suffer the idiocracies of
*>human race. Now you have the ultimate martyr. Gods own son.. Bam,
*>just started a SECOND religion. Now that is impressive. Not to
*>the prophets in Islam and Muslim (you really think that GOD would
*>have one kid? *L* Thats like asking Zeus to be faithful to his
*>Now you have 4 religions under your belt. I'd say that's pretty good

*>work for only having your own pantheon for a few millinia.
*>But thats just my thought. Feel free to disregard as you wish.
*>No one is more right then me, and I'm not more right then anyone

Most excellent, sir.  May I keep this? Full credits, of course.

*>Joseph A Nagy Jr
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*>Joseph A Nagy Jr Enterprises
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*>die so they can figure out Linux and ascend into
*>whatever higher plane one believes in.

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