Who is Ken Collins?

mat mats_trash at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 3 15:27:16 EST 2002

Mr. Collins is a man (?) who believes that saying something is such
and such constitutues an explanation/theory.  Also given that he
*knows* his theory is correct (becuase Jesus told him so, though of
course he had to read in between the lines) all experimental results
are explained/predicted by it.  Not only is this tautological but also
violates Popper's principle of falsifiability which many take as a
criterion for considering a theory as *science*.

He also has a terribly affected writing style, using copious numbers
of apostrophes, hyphens and regular repetitions of the same word
(inherent or commensurate are his favourites) in an attempt to imbue
the content with some sense of greatness and the reader with a sense
of awe.  neither really work, unless you are ken of course.  I have
recently wondered whether ken is actually in fact the 'AI mind' of art
murray, since the level of sense in the output is seemingly
'inherently commensurate'

an example:

Keith: I have a new theory of physics, yes thats right, not a part or
section of physics but the whole shabang - its called Crusty Radial
Aperture Particle theory.

Scientist: oh, so does it fit in with our latest findings on gravity

keith: well, doh, its a theory of physics so it must do.

scientist: could you show me some equations etc..

keith: i prefer descriptions myself

scientists: right...., so how does your theory explain gravity.  

keith: Well crusty apertures give rise to them

scientist: i'm afraid i need a little bit more than that

keith: i stand on what I've posted.  btw, the theory also explains how
the world of subatomic particles gives rise to emotion, politics,
macro-economics, and why bread always falls butter side down. 
Impressive no?

scientist: how do you know

keith: I just do, ok, isn't that enough?

scientist: no

keith: well so your part of this government conspiracy to silence me
too eh? I am labouring to save humanity and you want equations and
proof?  you're going to hell!

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