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"Turkish Parliament, Looking to Europe, Passes Reforms", By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Quoting from the article:

"Pro-Europe deputies pushed through the legislation over fierce opposition by nationalists, who said the changes would divide the country and amounted to giving in to Kurdish rebels who fought a 15-year war in southeastern Turkey."

"For months, the debate has divided and paralyzed the coalition led by Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, touching off a government crisis that led to the calling of parliamentary elections for November, 18 months ahead of schedule."

NDT's understanding points to work needed with respect to helping the Citizenry of Turkey make it through this transition.

Folks who understand the dynamics of "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8] can use that understanding to take timely action that will enable folks in Turkey to transcend the 'passions' inherent in the transition.

Describe the nature of the 'stresses' - the TD E/U(up) inherent in 'moving toward' that which is unfamiliar, and point out that the 'stresses'  occur in a 'blindly'-automated fashion, regardless of their details, simply be-cause there's a transition from relatively-familiar stuff to relatively-unfamiliar stuff occurring.

In the future, such transitions will be no 'big-deal', but it's still the case that the Neuroscience remains uncommunicated, so folks in Turkey will tend to attribute the TD E/U(up) that they'll experience to this or that with respect to which folks, on either 'side', have been negatively-Finitized [AoK, Ap4; "Finitized" via the manifestation of 'moving away from' behavioral by-products of TD E/I-minimization].

Timely action, on the parts of European Community members is warranted. After all, folks in Turkey are experiencing the correlated TD E/I(up), to a large degree, because they are 'moving toward' membership in the EC, with Hope in their 'hearts' [through the stuff of a correlated "prefrontal constellation", AoK, Ap7].

Timely action can guide the whole process to gentle fruition.

Withholding such allows the neural dynamics, inherent, the opportunity to 'fly-off-the-handle' [for no reason that's correlated with any absolute experiential reality].

k. p. collins
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