Who is Ken Collins?

mat mats_trash at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 10:45:28 EST 2002

> i trust, since you know how to use 'pub-med', that you've been
> racking-your-brains trying to find something, anything, through which
> you could put NDT's stuff to the test.

you don't get it do you?  the way in which you have approached this
theory of yours is as to make it tautological and thus unfalsifiable. 
whatever experimental result someone presents you with you'll just
claim in some affected paragraph of romantic whimsy that your ideas
encompass it.  you've already decided its the truth so therefore
everything must be explained by it.  you may as well ask me to provide
evidence for the non-existence of god.  In the same way, whatever
'evidence' I show you (wars, famine) you'll just claim it as part of
god's plan. In short, you have decided a priori that any evidence is
due to god - you are not open to disproof. This is why theories such
as yours are metaphysical and not science.

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