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"Wave of Pupils Lacking English Strains Schools", By YILU ZHAO

Quoting from the article:

"Most states now exempt such students, and including their scores with those of other students could drag down a school's performance, with potentially dire consequences."

"'Some people here think they shouldn't be here and let's send them back to where they came from,' said Darrell Grubbs, the principal. 'But the reality is, they are going to stay. And if they are going to stay, we've got to educate their children.'"

"Close to $400 million was funneled in 2000 through the federal Office of Bilingual Education, since renamed the Office of English Language Acquisition, to help districts put candidates through college or night classes to receive E.S.L. or bilingual licenses. This year, the office plans to hand out $665 million in grants."

"Ms. Wright, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in the 1970's, recalled some of the questions: `How do I grade them? They don't speak English.' `What kind of assignment should I give them?' `How do I modify my tests for them?' "

"`Now, what would you do if he were your own child?' she asked. `They're not just the E.S.L. teachers' kids. They're everybody's kids.'"

It's all Thermodynamics, around which there is no way. The cost, inherent, can only be minimized through the doing of informatio-processing Work that achieves TD E/I-minimization within nervous systems - individual, group, Society-wide.

There's no 'magic-wand' that can be 'waved' to achieve the minimized Thermodynamic.

It comes only through the doing of Work.

If 'society' doesn't do the Work, Society, pays, anyway, but at a much-higher 'price' than the 'cost' of doing the Work, up-front.

NDT's understanding disspells all of the 'prevarication' entailed, giving Student, Parent, Teacher and Citizen the Rationale for 'moving toward' doing the Work inherent.

k. p., collins

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