Who is Ken Collins?

mat mats_trash at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 5 05:45:57 EST 2002

I think i'll give up arguing with you.  You've successfully deterred
another open-minded person with your stubborn resistance to actually
entering into a true discussion.  There is no point in me picking a
paper from say, Neuron, and asking you how it fits in with NTD or
whatever, since you cruise along at a totally different level.  You
hark on about forgivness and truth while the rest of us work in the
world of receptors, proteins and neurones.  None of your ideas are to
do with these and so no experimental data is compatible or
incompatible.  Where you do make suggestions about cells you state
that one single mechanism is responsible for the whole diversity of
brain function.  You claim the natural tendency of neural tissue is to
minimize excitation, whereas in fact quite the opposite is true (see
the work of Traub et al.).  I you were to take a step back and inject
some humility (e.g. considering that you may not have in fact made the
most important discovery in the history of science as you claim) you
might see what everyone else is telling you for yourself.  For
heaven's sake the idea that a simple ratio describes the most complex
behaviours of humans is just preposterous.

Anyway, as I said - I'm going to leave you to keep on replying to your
own posts which you seem to find very satisfying.

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