brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> John Knight wrote:
> > Not even feminized American "men" are THIS bad.  parsetree is NOT a man,
> > matter what it thinks.
> >
> > And since it decided not to answer the question about how many Americans
> > Gallup must poll in order to get an accuracy of plus or minus 2%, let's
> > answer it for it.
> >
> > Gallup bases it's surveys on polls of 2,000 Americans, and they are
> > to within plus or minus 2%, EXCEPT that they are now run by jews, and
> > jews have an agenda, and that agenda is to overthrow the government of
> > United States, which means that the built-in bias in the poll questions
is a
> > bigger hindrance to getting at the truth than any large sampling error
> > might possibly exist in their polling methodology.
> >
> > John Knight
> <snip>
> I take it you talk about Parse Tree as if from personal experience, Ms.
> Knight?
> As for Gallup polls and their sample size, I hardly think 2K people is
> good enough for an error of only +/- 2%, so unless you got a link to
> back up your numbers...*shrugs*
> Again with the Jew bashing? Didn't you read my last post in the other
> thread of this title? Oh no, I forgot you probably don't actually read
> anything in this NG. Probably just respond from the safety of one of the
>   other groups you extraneously post to.
> And if you wanna accuse anyone of wanting to overthrow the Government of
> the USA, just look to your radical conservative religious groups, which
> you seem to be a member of.

Gallup polls typically ask one or just a small number of questions.  The
fewer questions you ask, the smaller a sample you can use that would still
be representational.

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