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mat wrote in message
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>I think i'll give up arguing with you.

Yeah, if you're not going to pose a challenge from within the body of
proven experimental results, I suggest you do.

>You've successfully deterred
>another open-minded person

The directionality, consistently apparent in your posts, contradicts
the notion of 'open-mindedness'. For whatever reason, all you've been
doing is working to 'jack-me-up'.

No one responds well to being 'jacked-up'. There's 'two'-much
"damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't" stuff inherent.

>with your stubborn resistance to actually
>entering into a true discussion.

All I do is True discussion, doubling-back, to eliminate anything
mis-takes as they become known to me.

>There is no point in me picking a
>paper from say, Neuron, and asking you how it fits in with NTD or
>whatever, since you cruise along at a totally different level.

You won't know until you try, will you?


Whoops-a-daiseys - you did: "Oscillations".

I expect that anything you, or anyone else comes up with will turn
out the same way.

>hark on about forgivness and truth while the rest of us work in the
>world of receptors, proteins and neurones.


>None of your ideas are to
>do with these


>and so no experimental data is compatible or

As in "Oscillations"?

>Where you do make suggestions about cells you state
>that one single mechanism is responsible for the whole diversity of
>brain function.

Yup, I do. It's 'just' that you've never 'bothered' to come to terms
with what's in "TD" "topologically-distributed".

Energy-flow is, itself, topologically-distributed.

The directedness, inherent, constitutes the information that enables
neurons to 'know' how and why to undergo microscopic trophic
modification with specific respect to neural activation that actually
occurs, thereby, by-producing "biological mass" which, subsequently,
exerts physically-real inertia within neuronal information-processing

Voilà: 'memory', storage, retrieval, and cross-correlation.

But one must come to terms with all that's in "TD', if one is to come
to terms with TD E/I-minimization.

>You claim the natural tendency of neural tissue is to
>minimize excitation, whereas in fact quite the opposite is true (see
>the work of Traub et al.).

I'll look it up.

But expect  it's just be another "Oscillations"-type denouement.

It's all discussed in AoK, If it were the case that excitation were
not relatively-minimized, then, for instance, instead of striking a
particular key, as one types this or that verbal symbol, if one's
hands got near the keyboard, which would be improbable, one's fingers
would strike keys in a relatively-random order, producing only
'garbage'.  [There's a lead-in for you :-]

Max excitation correlates with "catatonia" - a locked-up system.

But I'll look up Traub et al [got a specific ref. - "anyone, anyone,
anyone?" [private smile-stuff], and post a follow-up, one way or the

>I you were to take a step back and inject
>some humility (e.g. considering that you may not have in fact made
>most important discovery in the history of science as you claim) you
>might see what everyone else is telling you for yourself.

You know, if you knew me, you'd know that, like my Mother before me,
practically all I do is grab-TESEOTS.

Doesn't come much-more 'humble' than that.

The thing with respect to which my spirit continuously-'groans' is
that it's fallen to me to bring-forward NDT's stuff. It's Hard,
because I prefer to work in-the-background, but, there it is, needing
to be driven-home, and, so, I do what needs to be done.

You know, I've spent decades 'whispering', 'hinting',
'jumping-up-and-down' about what's in NDT.

Everybody 'thinks' I'm a 'Jackass'.

But all I've been doing is trying to get folks to not 'Embarass'
themselves. You know - like the action one takes when one sees the
honored-speaker out-there, with his fly unzipped. You don't want to
'embarass' him, but you want him not to be 'embarassed'.

"Damned if I do. Damned if I don't."

I'm working more-directly these days be-cause it might be that I'll
not be able to maintain Life within myself much longer.

"Last-'desperate'-attempt' stuff.

The other thing is, that because of what's in NDT, I've deliberately
Worked to 'knock-down' any 'flying-off-the-handle' invocations of
it's stuff that I've come across.

Such 'works-against' 'me', but it works-on-behalf-of bringing
everything in for a 'safe-landing'.

And, in the end, everyone can just blame all the 'delay'-stuff on
'me', because I admit that I've been working to bat-down
'flying-off-the-handle' stuff, which probably has 'slowed' the pace
of NDT's coming-forward.

It's just that I understand the dynamics within the "zone of
randomness" {ZOR; AoK, Ap4], and, because I do, have Responsibility
with respect to such, at least with respect to folks who give the
understanding short-shrift, but still try to invoke their
short-shrift version of NDT, usually, as a 'cudgel'.

So, See?

I 'died' a long 'time' ago, for all these reasons, and much-more.

The rest is just what I do to enable keeping-on-with-keeping-on.

My 'clown-act'.

Have self-nurtured, in the same way, since a Child.

It works.

Enables the flow of biological reward, which enables me to keep-on,
back to one wall, feet on the other, going where there's no 'path',
dragging 'humanity' along, because I've Seen Humanity in-there, all

>heaven's sake the idea that a simple ratio describes the most
>behaviours of humans is just preposterous.

It's the "TD" that you've 'left-uncomprehended'(?) ['wondering' [(?)]
be-cause it's hard for me to imagine posts
more-conducive-to-achieving-what-needs-to-be-done than yours. If
you've Courage, in this way, than I'm Grateful for both you and your
Courage. If not, well it's 'funny' how such happesn :-]

All of Neuroscience is in the "TD" - you know - "the One Internal
Frame of Reference [IFR] Geometry", "the special topological
homeomorphism of the [C]NS", the "topological twists and turns", the
"mirrors", the "sensory and motor templates", etc., etc., etc.

the "simple ratio" occurs within such "topologically-distributed"
stuff, from the ionic "level", through the molecular 'level', through
the 'level to the "supersystem".

>Anyway, as I said - I'm going to leave you to keep on replying to
>own posts which you seem to find very satisfying.

That's just me, "whittling" [AoK, Ap5].

"I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors, and I shall
adopt new views so fast as they appear to be true views... and I
intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men
everywhere could be free." (Abraham Lincoln)

k. p. collins

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