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>>the "simple ratio" occurs within such "topologically-distributed"
>>stuff, from the ionic "level", through the molecular 'level',
>through the 'level to the "supersystem".
>and, from there, =throughout= all Human interactive dynamics, all of
>which reduce to the stuff in the "TD".
>One can trace the IFR-Geometry's Directionality =throughout= all
>things Human.

[which is exactly what I do when I post Analysis with respect to this
or that set of interactive dynamics happening around the globe.

just Analyzing Directionalities inherent in group-wise TD E/I [which
is a bit more than just looking at Data for 'directional' clues.
Understanding nervous system function enables the Analysis, See?
Without such understanding, the data are =just= the stuff of
so-called "human nature", which dictates to folks that they 'must'
resort to merely-familiar, merely-stereopical stuff. That there's a
whole 'nother way is what NDT's understanding makes possible ['opens
the door to'], and what NDT's understanding is all about.]

Which is how and why "it's all Neuroscience", which is why i post the
Analysis in bionet.neuroscience. kpc]

>When one does so, everything becomes 'transformed' into much-more
>than it, formerly, was "perceived-to-'be'".
>"To infinity, and beyond!" [Buzz Lightyear, _Toy Story_]
>I agree :-)
>k. p. collins

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