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> >>You claim the natural tendency of neural tissue is to
> >>minimize excitation, whereas in fact quite the opposite is true
> (see
> >>the work of Traub et al.).
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> >Got a specific ref[?] ("anyone, anyone anyone[?"] :-)

Traub et al (1996) reported that the brain would coherently oscillate within
two milliseconds after a doublet spike that allows synchronous neuronal
oscillations in the 30-70 hertz range. The coherent synchronous oscillation
will occur over large distance. Oscillations slower that 30-hertz will cause
the system to become discoherent.

Traub, R.D.; Whittington, M.A.; Stanford, I.M.; & Jefferys, J.G.R.
(1996) A mechanism for generation of long-range synchronous fast
oscillations in the cortex. Nature 382, 621-624


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