Traub, et al - Got any specific ref?

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Mon Aug 5 19:17:30 EST 2002

Thanks, Ron. I went to the Library today to try to figure out which
Traub ref. was pertinent.

Found some computer stuff, re 'oscillations', but figured that wasn't

Found some other articles that I'll comment on later.

I'll see if I can locate this ref. online. If not, I'll look for it
in the Library.

I'll follow-up in the "Oscillations" thread.

Thank You, ken

"Ron Blue" wrote in message <002001c23ccf$a7b02170$fa0e1943 at ron>...
>Traub et al (1996) reported that the brain would coherently
oscillate within
>two milliseconds after a doublet spike that allows synchronous
>oscillations in the 30-70 hertz range. The coherent synchronous
>will occur over large distance. Oscillations slower that 30-hertz
will cause
>the system to become discoherent.
>Traub, R.D.; Whittington, M.A.; Stanford, I.M.; & Jefferys, J.G.R.
>(1996) A mechanism for generation of long-range synchronous fast
>oscillations in the cortex. Nature 382, 621-624

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