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> > i found these books on amazon:
> > 
> > Cognitive Neuroscience: A Reader, 2000
> > Cognitive Neuroscience, Second Edition, 2002
> > The New Cognitive Neurosciences : Second Edition, 2000
> > Conversations in the Cognitive Neurosciences, 1996
> > 
> > confused, what's the difference between them??
> I have the Reader and it is sort of a amalgam of seminal papers in
> different areas of cognitive neuroscience, mostly written by the
> original scientists.  The 'New Cognitive Neurosciences' is a whopping
> great textbook that is a standard reference for cognitive
> neuroscience, and about five times the price of the reader.  Cognitive
> Neuroscience (2nd in your list) is, I think, an introductory text on
> cognitive neuroscience.  I'm not sure about the last in your list. 
> Essentially both the 1st and 2nd above are introductory texts but
> whereas the 2002 book is a gentler introduction, the Reader assumes a
> scientific background and plunges in at the level of describing
> experimental results in detail.

that helps a LOT

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