brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Joseph A Nagy Jr pagan_prince at
Wed Aug 7 00:49:04 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
> The biggest errors in the Gallup Polls aren't statistical, but the bias
> introduced because they're an obvious advocacy group.
> The above disclaimer has to *really* be applied to their polls.
> According to just about every poll EXCEPT Gallup, most Americans oppose the
> legalization of sodomy, but Gallup headlines its poll about faggots "Some
> Change Over Time in American Attitudes towards Homosexuality, but Negativity
> Remains".
> You can't ask for better evidence of their hideous agenda than that.
> John Knight

So you're saying that two men can't show the same love to each other 
that a man and a woman can? Or what about two women? By your God's own 
admission, he wants everyone to love each other, some just show it in 
different ways. Are you in effect restricting the expression of love 
(and therefor love itself) by making one form of love making wrong? 
Whether it is legal or not doesn't matter. It's the fact that it was 
made illegal in the eyes of man (and I'd really like to see how they 
enforce sodomy laws). No where in the 10 commandments does it outlaw 
Sodomy (although you can argue that Sodom and Gomorah(sp) were destroyed 
because of that). No where anywhere else in the bible (that I know of) 
is sodomy condemned. And why isn't it condemned anywhere else? Because 
it would show that God has exceptions to even his rules. If you are 
going to make Sodomy illegal, you might as well make all homo- and 
hetrosexual copulation illegal. See how many people take you seriously 
then (not that many are right now).

All polls are biased one way or another by the way the questions are 
worded. There is no such thing as an objective poll (some are close, but 
no cigar for any).

Personally, I don't oppose sodomy and I'm pro-choice (in all matters, 
inclding aborotion (it's a womans body, so it should be left up to her 
in the end)).

While the above matters might be hideous to you, they aren't to most 
others. You cannot push your own beliefs on the masses and expect people 
to respond. Jesus didn't push anything on anyone. He asked a few guys to 
be his students, they accepted, bam! A new religion just started (just 
look at L. Ron Hubbard and Dinetics, that was a bar bet for crying out 

Brightest Blessings,

Joseph A Nagy Jr

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