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Hi Ken!

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> BTW, I
> long-ago discussed evolutionary dynamics, reducing them to WDB2T, in
> sci.bio.evolution.
> Is it 'evasiveness' to 'hold open the door' to folks who are
> obviously Victims of 'the Beast', Abstract Ignorance, or is it
> apriori Forgiveness.
> In the end, it's why I Acknowledge Jesus' Priority.

This your "reducing" is THE problem, IMO.
It is a very big part of what makes
your 'theoretical take' (on how we are)  roughly *as short of* the same
specific understanding as what is 'most
MISSING' in all of Science and Philosophy (and of course in Religions, and
'common sense thinking', as well).

And so, it can be seen, and understood, to exemplify the reality of

Briefly (as if putting out a bate) about AEVASIVE:-

We evolved mechanisms that allow us to be both "productive" (and off course
ultimately reproductive) and at least in part protective also of our
selves -- including protective of our sanity.

Some of these our self-protective
and productive mechanisms are entirely automatic and are being put into
effect (or acting) in almost one 'functionally structural' (or
'structional') stroke, so to speak. The "mechanisms" that are thus, are by
me evolution-theoretically explained and 'concept-captured' by means of a
relatively simple principle (which I label along the lines of
"*ambi-advantageously* adaptive mutations"). Or IOW, according to this
principle, plus only a few auxilliare concepts, can the phylogenetic origin
of these mechanisms be *broadly* explained and grasped.

AEVASIVE is a pragmatically contrived acronym that by the thoroughly defined
meanings of its conceptual
components (what it stands for starts with "Ambi-advantageously Evolved"),
and by its overall "look and feel", takes into account:

1. How these basically automatic (and innate)
mechanisms evolved (explained mainly by way of a very simple
'Darwin-aligned' principle);

2. That and how they are still environmentally required for
survival, and
work [represented within the acronym by a strategically constructed mention
(it ends with "Endoopiates")  of the much written about "opioid family" of
neurochemicals] in an 'intra-systemic' role within each our "Actention
(selecting) System" (~=brain or nervous system);

3. The psychobehavioral and cultural significance of these mechanisms are
implicitly incorporated.


This post of mine was, as my posts almost always are, stingily sponsored by
EAIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty., and *not just* jotted in justifiable though
author-image jeopardizing jester, but - by jove! - also with some equally
well warranted serious intent.

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