brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> oh, wow, then certainly you're an expert on "Wicca", and the billions of
>> Christians who've been studying Christianity for the last 2,000 years just
>> don't count.
>> Thanks for clearing that up.
>I bet you don't realize that other major religions view Christianity as
>being split with the advent of St. Paul and his obviously bigoted and
>chauvinistic attitudes.
>Prior to Paul, the Christians were far different, they didn't hijack other
>religon's rituals, they practiced peace and love as Jesus preached.
>After Paul, women were suppressed, other cultures were either "assimilated"
>or shunned, even killed.  Very similar to your own attitude.
>With the rise of the Roman Empire and their Crusades, spreading their
>particular "brand" of Christianity, one of the methods they used to
>assimilate others, especially the Celts, was to "overshadow" the ancient
>pagan holidays with Christian holy days (and yes, there is abundant
>historical evidence that dates were indeed moved to do this, quite on
>purpose).  They destroyed temples of worship and built churches on the spots
>which often incorporated the symbology of Celtic spirituality (the spirals,
>the "green man", the knotwork, use of incenses to purify,  etc.).

Please remember that the nincompoop thinks that the Celts are the true
Israelites of the Bible, chosen by God, and that Celtic was the same
or a closely related language to Hebrew.  He probably thinks that they
did all these things to get closer to the One God of the Celts and the

>Before sounding off, I highly suggest you do a bit of research beyond the
>end of your own nose.

"Nincompoop" and "research" are mutually incompatible concepts.


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