brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> oh, wow, then certainly you're an expert on "Wicca", and the billions
> >> Christians who've been studying Christianity for the last 2,000 years
> >> don't count.
> >>
> >> Thanks for clearing that up.
> >
> >I bet you don't realize that other major religions view Christianity as
> >being split with the advent of St. Paul and his obviously bigoted and
> >chauvinistic attitudes.
> >
> >Prior to Paul, the Christians were far different, they didn't hijack
> >religon's rituals, they practiced peace and love as Jesus preached.
> >
> >After Paul, women were suppressed, other cultures were either
> >or shunned, even killed.  Very similar to your own attitude.
> >
> >With the rise of the Roman Empire and their Crusades, spreading their
> >particular "brand" of Christianity, one of the methods they used to
> >assimilate others, especially the Celts, was to "overshadow" the ancient
> >pagan holidays with Christian holy days (and yes, there is abundant
> >historical evidence that dates were indeed moved to do this, quite on
> >purpose).  They destroyed temples of worship and built churches on the
> >which often incorporated the symbology of Celtic spirituality (the
> >the "green man", the knotwork, use of incenses to purify,  etc.).
> Please remember that the nincompoop thinks that the Celts are the true
> Israelites of the Bible, chosen by God, and that Celtic was the same
> or a closely related language to Hebrew.  He probably thinks that they
> did all these things to get closer to the One God of the Celts and the
> Bible

Then he knows nothing about the Celts, because, as a race, they were not
Christians.  Yes, some of them were "assimilated" into Christianity, but
whoah baby, they were nothing like Christians before that.  I know about the
Celts because I'm a Celtic Shaman, who chooses to follow the tenets of

Hmmm, assimilated.  Christianity = Borg?  Heh.
Hey John!  The Anglo-Saxons were a bunch of wussies!

> >Before sounding off, I highly suggest you do a bit of research beyond the
> >end of your own nose.
> "Nincompoop" and "research" are mutually incompatible concepts.
> lojbab

Yeah, unless it's skewed and posted on his website.  That much we all know.

The Shadow Dancer

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