brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Joseph A Nagy Jr pagan_prince at
Wed Aug 7 15:52:04 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
> The Net Worth Of American Households
> $7.8 trillion in the hole
> Why?
> In just two years, America's "investors" lost another $7.2 trillion in the
> stock market.
> For the first time since the Great Depression, our Personal Savings RATE
> became NEGATIVE, an honor conferred on no other industrialized nation
> The median value of American's household assets was 21% higher in 1983 than
> in 1993 per the Census Bureau.
> Consumer credit increased more than four fold from $355 billion in 1980 to
> $1,569 billion in 2000.
> Mortgage debt increased more than five fold from $934 billion in 1980  to
> $5,277 billion  in 1997, US Statistical Abstract
> Public debt increased by $1,177 billion, from $4,351 billion
> in 1993 to
> $5,528,488,599,737 in 1998
> State CAFRs show governments have $60 trillion in liquid assets.
> President Clinton transferred another $270 billion from households which
> were already an average of $77,880 in debt to single-mother households so
> they can raise bastards.

So you're saying President Clinton actually helped raise you? Wow. I 
woulda figured he would want to disown you as an American for sure.

> This President is not "supporting working families".  He is not even taking
> "wealth" from the men who earned it and handing it over to single-mother
> households who spend it to create geometrically expanding social
> pathologies.  He is putting families which are already an average of $77,880
> in debt, into even deeper debt, and mortgaging our children's futures to the
> hilt in the process.
> John Knight

Wow, I thought you and Mr. Bush would be best buds. Guess I was wrong. 
Although to be honest, it's not the presidents fault we are in debt. 
It's OUR fault we are in debt. We buy into credit cards and loans and 
mortgage's and what not. We aren't forced to, but we do. Americans are 
generally irresponsible, especially as of late, with money. No denying 
that, but we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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