brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Joseph A Nagy Jr pagan_prince at
Wed Aug 7 16:50:40 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
> Can't you get anything right, parsetree?  Nobody said they agreed with you
> that Gallup's polls have "an obvious bias because their polls are subjective
> matters."
> That's almost exactly the OPPOSITE of what was posted, so how can you twist
> every word you ever read 180 degrees around?
> Let me repeat this first, then attempt to clarify the point for your simple
> mind:
>>"The biggest errors in the Gallup Polls aren't statistical, but the bias
>>introduced because they're an obvious advocacy group."
> The POINT is that Gallup is now run by jews and has an obvious jewish bias.
> If they were an objective polling organization rather than a jewish advocacy
> organization, then they certainly *could* and *would* be able to conduct a
> poll about almost any "subjective matter" and get a truthful result.
> But when they restructure a poll question about existing sodomy laws (which
> up to 75% to 95% of Americans support) as a "civil rights issue", then
> they've completely discredited their own objectivity about this subjective
> issue.  To the vast majority of normal Americans, this is a moral issue, not
> a civil rights issue.  Maybe to the pathetic and amoral jews who possess
> such small brains that they can't even pe. without help from normal people,
> this is a civil rights issue, but SO WHAT?
> The problem with the credibility of Gallup's polls isn't the statistical
> error or the subject matter they poll people on--it's with their OWN
> internal jewish bias.  And one of the WORST examples of their bias is their
> abortion polls
> John Knight

Okay, homosexuality and the right to choose one's partner IS a civil 
rights issue, as is abortion. Fortunately for most people, we also know 
that all civil rights issues are moral issues as well. What IS the moral 
thing to do? Let people live the lives they want and NOT judge them 
because of their choice of bed partner or ethnicity or gender.

YOu have time and again shown that you are nothing more then a lowly 
piece of trash who feels his own morals (and the morals of his friends 
Mr. August and anyone who thinks as you and him do) should be forced 
upon the world. That will never happen because no one likes a tyrant, 
and you, good sir, make King George look like a lilly livered pussy when 
it comes to tyranny and you aren't even of royal blood!

So again, on behalf of myself, I ask you to stop spamming all these NG's 
with your hate. No one likes a hater. You speak of Christian values and 
morals yet you can't even love your fellow human because of their 
gender/sexual prefrence/ethnicity...some Christian values you have. You 
and Mr. August are people I pity because you can't find it in your heart 
to put aside the minor differences and look at what makes us the same as 
everone else in the world.

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