brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Aug 7 17:58:34 EST 2002

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<> Is it so hard for you to believe that Parse Tree is actually a woman? No
<> wonder you are morally bankrupt. You can't accept on blind faith that
<> Parse Tree is a male Canadian. What a fraud.
<Why would you have so little faith in your fellow man that you'd think a man
<would even begint to "think" like parsetree?
<Yes, there are some extremely feminized men in Canada, but this one is a

Worth saving.  A textbook-perfect demonstration of John's contempt
for truth.  If it's a fact, and it hinders his campaign, then it's
expendible.  Reality is most inconvenient at times, so "truth" shall be 
whatever John declares it to be.  End of discussion.

It's merely amusing in this case, of course, but it illustrates with
great exactitude the extent of his disdain for truth when other, more
fraught, issues are under discussion.

-- cary

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