oscillations RETRACTION & CLARIFICATION of the PRIOR 'retraction'

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Aug 7 21:00:05 EST 2002

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>There is convergence, within a "U"-shaped 'well', and that can be
>termed "oscillation", but it's better described as damped-harmonic
>'motion' [with respect to TD E/I, not like a tuning fork dunked in a
>viscous liquid], so the harmonics just demonstrate that TD
>E/I-minimization is happening.

This needs to be discussed in more detail.

First the convergence is probably via a high-eccentricity
'paraboloid, so calling it a cross between a "U" and a "V" is better.

But, "Where is the curve?"

It's in any of the traces that depict TD E/I-minimization [as in the
Elazar and Addey ref that i've cited elsewhere on the board [and in
AoK], and it's in the Traub, et al 'challenge' paper.

The 'jaggies' that occur within a trace that shows a downward trend
over 'time' are just the 'momentary' TD E/I-minimization dynamics
'hunting', back and forth, with respect to the intermingling of
stochastic and epicritic 'chance' fluctuations [scraps of
'creativity'], 'latching' [in AoK, "pawling"] when TD E/I(up) follows
TD E/I(down).

So, when these "jaggies" are mapped onto 2-D Cartesian coordinates,
vertical axis: TD E/I, horizontal axis: 'down-ness' --> 'up-ness'
[distributed evenly along the axis], one gets the high-eccentricity
'paraboloid', which discloses the TD E/I-minimization 'well'.

"U" See?

k. p. collins


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