brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Joseph A Nagy Jr pagan_prince at
Wed Aug 7 22:18:12 EST 2002

Shadow Dancer wrote:
>>Why are you so convinced that the Jewish people are to blame for
>>everything? What did they ever do to you personally? I mean, you attack
>>them with no end of energy so they must have done something to you
>>personally, or is it really just you being led around by the dick like
>>the sheep you appear to be?
> I'd sure like to know that, too.  He sounds so much like Hitler that I'm
> wondering if his ancestry is Jewish and he got put down for it, so he
> decided to hate it, too.  Just like Hitler.
> Problem is, Hitler wasn't Christian, either...but neither is John Knight nor
> his cronies.  The Bible preaches "love thy neighbour" - without
> qualifications.  It does NOT say "but only if they are of the pure Anglo
> race.".
> Jesus was not only a Jew, he was dark olive-skinned, unlike many of the
> icons painted of his face - and yet John claims to believe what Jesus taught
> as a prophet and a demigod (half man, half deity).  Yes, a very apparent
> case of contradiction and hypocrisy, where even simple ignorance cannot be
> used as an excuse.
> I will simply state the obvious:  All these men use Christianity as a shield
> and as an excuse and that is downright deplorable.  They constitute the scum
> which gives Christianity a very bad name.
> Underneath, they are scared, impotent little boys who feel like the world is
> out to get them.
> Truly deplorable, because they put *themselves* there.
> The Shadow Dancer

Here here!

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