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"Mentally Ill Boy Kills Himself in Shelter Hotel", By NINA BERNSTEIN

"His depression and anxiety, which first emerged in seventh grade, grew much worse last year, as his family moved from one relative to the next after eviction from their Brooklyn home."

See the discussions of "rendering useless", "consistent inconsistency", "depression", their phenomonalogical cross-correlation, and their cross-correlation with TD E/I, in AoK, Ap8.

"Yesterday, Linda I. Gibbs, the city's commissioner of homeless services, promised a full investigation. `The question is whether this system could have done a better job,' she said, `because this is obviously a great tragedy and a terrible loss for this family.' "

Jason was thrust, via experiential dynamics, into the "zone of randomness", [ZOR, AoK, Ap4].

When folks're already 'in' the ZOR, it's too late to give them NDT's stuff, but it's inexpensive, and easy, to do so, up-front, during the 'normal' educational process.

"There is no way to know why any teenager takes his own life, and Jason's psychiatric history and troubled background alone were a combustible mix. But to Jason's father, Eric Wilson, there is little doubt what drove his son to kill himself."

Any individual, thrust into the ZOR, sans protective understanding, will perish.

"`We're continuing to work as aggressively as we possibly can to meet this unprecedented demand,' Ms. Gibbs said."

Nope - there're Schools, use them to communicate an understanding of how 'randomness' happens within nervous systems' neural-activation dynamics. Give the Children 'toolkits' of understanding with respect to such.

"`When we lost our apartment, we lost everything,' Mr. Wilson said, describing how the family's possessions were thrown out during eviction from the apartment in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, where they had lived for 14 years."

"Rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8].

"[...] `Jason panicked,' Mr. Wilson said. `He said, ``Dad, what are we going to do?'' "

'Panic': Extremely-rapid 'moving away from' the ZOR; 'ejection' from the ZOR, with force commensurate with TD E/I. 

"Yesterday at the Dawn Hotel, where the family had been placed, Jason's blue backpack was still crammed with books looking to the future: `Careers in Medicine,' `How to Survive Nursing School' and novels about boys who made it through hard times."

"`He was a wonderful boy,' Mr. Wilson said, [...]"

Jason was left to 'the Beast', Abstract Ignorance, and it took his Life.

k. p. collins

[All quotes Copyright 2002, by The New York Times.]

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