brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Aug 8 11:39:43 EST 2002

In article <3D51E113.6010605 at> Joseph A Nagy Jr <pagan_prince at> writes:
<Cary Kittrell wrote:
<> "John Knight" <johnknight at> writes:
<> <
<> <
<> <Yes, there are some extremely feminized men in Canada, but this one is a
<> <girl.
<> <
<> Worth saving.  A textbook-perfect demonstration of John's contempt
<> for truth.  If it's a fact, and it hinders his campaign, then it's
<> expendible.  Reality is most inconvenient at times, so "truth" shall be 
<> whatever John declares it to be.  End of discussion.
<> It's merely amusing in this case, of course, but it illustrates with
<> great exactitude the extent of his disdain for truth when other, more
<> fraught, issues are under discussion.
<> -- cary
<*nods* True, but remember, Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Fact = 
<Parse Tree is male (I for one believe him on that) and is Canadian (also 
<believe him on that one). I have no reason to doubt him, yet I think 
<John is just trying to shove off his one gender identity issues on a 
<more appealing target.

Well, he's also a bit maladroit at the high art of the insult.
He thinks that should ruffle Parse Tree's feathers, something
I rather doubt.

Over the years he's called me a fag, a Jew, and a girl -- again
thinking that these were stinging insults.  But since I've had
beloved friends in all three categories, and dear lovers
in the last two, these "insults" felt more like the warm

<sigh> Just another effect of his misalignment with this world,
I suppose.

-- cary

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