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Joseph A Nagy Jr wrote:
>> Mr. Nagy, when modes of worship and means of redemption against sin 
>> are so
>> clearly DIFFERENT between witchcraft and Christianity, with witchcraft
>> holding so many false gods and Christianity worshipping the only real 
>> God,
>> how dare you have the gall to say that the only difference between
>> Christianity and witchcraft are their trappings.
> Modes of worship are NOT so clearly different between Paganism and 
> Christianity. Prayer is another form of spell crafting. The blessing of 
> the alter is just a simple spell to cleanse the area of evil so that 
> other spells/prayers may be cast/said without worry of being interrupted 
> by those harmful things that DO exist.
>> I dare you to prove, for example, that the Our Father is a form of 
>> casting a
>> spell, when this is given by the same God who authored the same Bible as
> "Our Father, who art in heaven
> hallowed by thy name"
> You start off with a simple, loving message to your deity to grab his 
> attention.
> The rest follows as an example to focus your mind at the prayer at hand 
> (the focusing of power), and in turn, makes sure that when you come to 
> the reason for calling upon him.

Let me finish the above comment.

It makes sure that when you come to the reason for calling his name, you 
have his attention so that your prayer may be answered. Now prayer 
sounds awfully like spell casting.

You call upon the appropriate deity, praise him/her, then ask for a 
favor. If it gets granted, your prayer/spell worked, if not, try again. 
No question asked is too stupid to ask, it's only the manner in which it 
is asked that makes it stupid or inane.

>> this text, Galatians 5:19-25, "19  Now the works of the flesh are 
>> manifest,
>> which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, 
>> lasciviousness,  20
>> Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred,  variance , emulations, wrath, strife,
>> seditions, heresies,  21  Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and
>> such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] 
>> in time
>> past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of 
>> God.
>> 22  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering,
>> gentleness, goodness, faith, 23  Meekness, temperance: against such 
>> there is
>> no law.  24  And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the
>> affections and lusts.  25  If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk 
>> in the
>> Spirit."
>> Can a work of the flesh be a work of God's Spirit, when God's own WORD
> God's own word was written thousands of years ago by superstitous men 
> (not that mankind is any les superstitious).
>> Honestly, I can't see what you see in witchcraft, 
> What I see in Wicca (which if you ask any Wiccan, is not exactly the 
> same was Witchcraft, although there are similiar elements, IMO) is 
> self-empowerment and the Gods (and Goddesses) involvement in every day 
> life, in all of nature you see the miracles being wrought, your may 
> believe your God made those things, and that is fine, and you might even 
> see his hand in your everyday life, and that is fine too, but I don't 
> see YOUR God's hand in my life. Also, being judged by some supreme being 
> who doesn't exist in my life isn't for me, although all the more power 
> to ya for believing. Faith is a wonderful thing when it's used to say 
> how much love and peace you have found through it, not how much 
> damnation others will find because they haven't found the peace in the 
> way you have.
> Real Faith can move mountains, Mr. August. When's the last time you 
> moved a mountain or re-arranged the stars to show your love for 

Corrected some spelling in the above text.

> someone? I have done the impossible. I have moved a mountain and 
> rearranged the stars (figuratively, of course) in my dealings with 
> friends. I have helped them find an alternative to death and dying when 
> I show them how much I love who they are. For some people, that is more 
> then any religion has ever done for them. My mountains and stars may not 
> be real, but they are just as important.
>> when Christ was given ALL
>> authority in Heaven and Earth.  Matthew 28:18 says, "18  And Jesus 
>> came and
>> spake unto them, saying, All  power  is given unto me in heaven and in
>> earth."  Why only half-step, when you could go the full round with Jesus
>> Christ, who has all power (exousia - "authority") on Heaven and Earth?
>> Satan trembles at the mere breath of the Name of Christ.  Satan is 
>> given one
>> more fatal blow when a new child of God is baptized into the death and
>> resurrection of Christ.  Satan is further crushed when a beloved new 
>> child
>> of God continues to die daily to sin and drown his old sin nature in the
>> waters of Baptism, that the new man might rise daily unto repentance and
>> righteousness, better able to serve God.  Can you say as much for Wiccan
>> crafts?  Can you assure yourself, or me, or anyone else that Wiccan craft
>> has eternal redemption of sins?  Does Wiccan craft even have a CONCEPT
>> called sin?
(edited) No, because there is no concept of pure evil or pure good for 
me because it
> doesn't exist. It cannot exist as a balance must always be maintained. 
> You would say "what about taking a life, is that not evil?" Well, I say 
> why was that life taken? Were you defending yourself from harm? Or were 
> you slaughtering the lamb to feed your family. In both instances you 
> took a life. Both were to only help yourself, is that not selfish (and 
> in so being a sin)? What about the axe murder who "found" God? Is he any 
> less an axe murder? No, but he has tried to change his ways, so he is 
> not pure evil, then. Obviously if he found God, he was forgiven, 
> although I still doubt he would enter paradise. He needlessly took lives 
> that were not his for the taking. Pure good and evil do not exist.
>> Jesus Christ, who knew no sin, became sin for us, bearing all our sins in
>> His Body on the Cross.  By Christ's stripes of Blood alone are we ever
>> healed or redeemed. If this is hateful, if this is intolerant, if this 
>> is a
>> t all unloving or spiteful, then I challenge YOU to die for the 
>> redemption
>> of your sins, or those of someone else.  Christ died for our sins so we
>> didn't have to die in our sins.
> It isn't. That shows great love and caring for his subjects. Any God 
(edited) that didn't care about his/her subjects isn't worth their 
weight in salt.
>> If you can reliably prove that there is salvation from death, hell, 
>> and the
>> devil in witchcraft, then millions of people have worshipped the wrong 
>> god.
>> The Holy Bible, millions of Christian worshippers, historical 
>> documents, and
>> church upon church, have proven the real salvation from the world, the
>> flesh, the devil, hell, and death, in the person of Jesus Christ 
>> alone, and
> You first have to believe in heaven and hell. I don't.
>> May you truly learn of the REAL LOVE Christ has for you, that HE DIED for
>> YOU.
> And may you learn Christs love for your fellow man, remember that the 
> Jewish people were the first to believe in your one God. And remember 
> too that while I do not worship your one God, I also do not reject him.

I also do not reject the fact that Jesus was a wonderful person willing 
to do anything to show his faith for his father. I just don't agree what 
it has turned into. Dogma is the worst part of any religion. It 
restricts person growth and freedom and makes religion a tyranny more 
then a salvation.

>> In Christ,
>> Richard C. August
> I thank you for calling upon me to think, Mr. August. This post here 
> proves that there may be some redemption for us all. You not once 
> condemned condemned anyone, although you tried (not in vain either, 
> anything that makes us think and doesn't use name calling and bashing is 
> good, as we grow and learn) to sway me to your side (and did a good job 
> of it, I must say, you have given me a lot to think about) you did not 
> cause me to reject my current path. Only question my faith. Once faith 
> is questioned, one cannot help but reflect on what has been said. I hope 
> you too, find this reflection of your soul.
> Brightest of Blessings,
> Joseph A Nagy Jr

Joseph A Nagy Jr

P.S. Post left mostly intact

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