brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

The 9th Witch Thec at
Fri Aug 9 20:36:35 EST 2002

On Sat, 10 Aug 2002 00:36:46 GMT, "Richard C. August"
<raugust at> yelled from the fourth floor ward window, and
subsequently was sedated:

*>God is NOT, NEVER WAS, and NEVER SHALL be, a SHOE. 

I thought your god could be anything?

*> God is NOT, and NEVER
*>WAS, and NEVER SHALL BE, a personal posession, or a prize package,
or an
*>item you can touch. 

My gods are. Things you can touch anyway.  And most definitely a prize
package, when you come across them. 


I don't believe that, though I do believe in the creation of mankind.

*>  God is not
*>and never shall be our personal posession.
*>I feel sorry for you, 

Don't. My gods don't ask me to kill people, though occasionally, I ask
if they mind if I do.

*>for you in your spiritual blindness

There is no blindness to my spirituality. The wool has never been
pulled over my eyes by the "lamb".

*> have a
*>misconceived notion that the Almighty God can merely be at best one
of your
*>pagan idols.  Jesus Christ has said that God is Spirit, 

I've never seen it proven that Jeshua said anything that was
confirmed.  I've seen hearsay though.

*>and those who
*>worship Him must worship Him is SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

That's the difference between my gods and your god. Mine never demands
anything. They guide me on my learning journey.

*>  John 4:24.  

Austin 3:16

*>God is not
*>something you can hold in your hand or with whom you can commit
*>intercourse for procreation,

Your bible gives evidence that he is one whom you can commit sexual
intercourse for procreation.

*> nor is He something you can put on a corner
*>shelf as you would an idol.

I do not worship inanimate gods. I have coffee with mine.

*>Despite that many Christians have representations or icons of Christ
*>their walls or shelves, most importantly,

This seems to contradict your last point.

*> is Christ's presence in your
*>heart, as it is in the hearts of millions of believers worldwide,
many of
*>whom died in their faith?

Many pagans died in their faith as well. So did many Jews. So do many
Fulan Gong. So did the members of the heaven's gate cult.  Do you have
a point?

*>IN Christ,

Kinda dark in there, in'it?

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