brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Joseph A Nagy Jr pagan_prince at
Fri Aug 9 16:02:06 EST 2002

Richard C. August wrote:
> Dear Joseph,
> You either believe in Heaven or Hell NOW, or you will believe in it when you
> pass from this earth.
> And, you prove how two-faced you are, when you say there is no "pure" good
> or "pure" evil when you state that the blessing of the altar was a means of
> chasing away evil.  You either have pure good, in Christ as God, or you have
> pure evil, in everything else.

I said I don't believe in Pure Good or Pure evil, although their are evil things out there, there is 
also still goodness in them, it's just been hidden away. Same with good things, they have evil in 
them, just have it hidden away, so it's not two faced.

> Concerning the Our Father, in the First Petition, Dr. Martin Luther, in his
> Small Catechism, interprets thus:
> "1] Our Father who art in heaven.
> 2] What does this mean?-Answer.
> God would thereby [with this little introduction] tenderly urge us to
> believe that He is our true Father, and that we are His true children, so
> that we may ask Him confidently with all assurance, as dear children ask
> their dear father.
> 3] The First Petition.  Hallowed be Thy name.
> 4] What does this mean?-Answer.
> God's name is indeed holy in itself; but we pray in this petition that it
> may become holy among us also.

Right, and in so doing you ask for his attention through focused thought.

> 5] How is this done?-Answer.
> When the Word of God is taught in its truth and purity, and we as the
> children of God also lead holy lives in accordance with it. To this end help
> us, dear Father in heaven. But he that teaches and lives otherwise than God'
> s Word teaches profanes the name of God among us. From this preserve us,
> Heavenly Father."
> How dare you preserve to have the GALL to presume that invoking the Our
> Father is merely a means of grabbing God's attention.  

But it is after a manner.

>God is NOT a man, and
> being the CREATOR of the universe, He is omniscient, omnipotent, and
> omnipresent.

Then there is no need for prayer, as he already knows whats in our hearts.

> He knows every hair on your head and every breath you take.
> He knows your DNA, for He made it (Psalm 139).

Woo! Really? Whats my kid gonna look like?

Seriously, though. If this was all true, I wish he would have let me know that in December of the 
year I turned 16 I would be diagnosed with cancer.

> Concerning my being a deity, I don't want the job.  I don't want to be
> worshipped by any followers, only to be begged to heal their lives, souls,
> or bodies, and then when I do so, to be spurned for someone else.  Why
> bother with that?  Only GOD ALMIGHTY has a RIGHT to that role.

Never said you were a deity.

> There also is no focusing of power in the prayer, for ALL power rests in
> Jesus Christ, as He said in Matthew 28.

So now there is no self-empowerment...that goes right along with free will IMO.

> You either worship HIM, as there is only ONE GOD (Deuteronomy 6), or you
> reject HIM.  WORSHIP GOD OR REJECT GOD, Joseph.  Accept God and live in
> Heaven when you pass, or reject God and die in Hell in your sins.  Hebrews
> 9:27 says, "It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this, the
> judgement."  God's elevator of judgement goes up to Heaven in Christ, or
> down to Hell in your sins.  To believe any doctrine contrary to the Holy
> Scriptures is to accept Hell as your unfortunate fate, for the Great
> Archdeceiver Satan would have you believe that there is no Hell, or that
> Hell is for Children, or that Hell is a place of numbed sensitivities, or
> that Hell is eternal existence in self-indulgence.  Hell is a great chasm, a
> burning fire which doesn't go out and whose worms don't die.  Hell is
> separation from the Almighty Creator God, who sent His son Jesus Christ to
> die for our redemption from sin and also His Holy Spirit to comfort and
> guide us in Christ.

I don't reject him or worship him. You can't tell me to do either. Just because you don't sing the 
praises of someone doesn't neccessarily you are against him, either. Take our current President. I 
definitly don't sing him praise for what he's done, but in the same manner, I'm not going to try and 
take him outta office pre-maturely.

> What are you, other than one who has been mercilessly deceived?  I, for one,
> have had no mountains to move which God Almighty hasn't moved for me or
> isn't moving already.  I don't need to move mountains, only to trust God
> with my own feeble faith. 

Mercilessly decieved? Hrm. You can probably blame the Holy Roman Catholic church, then. Because I 
was born and raised a Catholic until I was 19. Then I made my own choice as to whom and what I will 
worship and the reasons for doing so.

> I find the reflection of my soul in the Law of
> God, which acts as mirror, curb, and guide.  My soul is poor, for it is
> stained in sin, yet washed with the crimson Blood of Christ!!!  I pray God
> would wash your soul free from sin as well, in the waters of Holy Baptism
> and bury your dead old nature in Christ's grave.

I hate to break it to ya, but I'm no sinner. Maybe my faith IS indeed misplaced, but I'll take my 
chances. This feels more right to me then Christianity. You might not agree, but thats MY choice, 
not yours and not your God's.

> Real Christians are not called to bash or name-call others, but to cause

Then how come you aren't responding to Mr. Knight in kind?

> others to come to the Truth in Christ in a spirit of love.  Hell,
> unfortunately, is very painfully real, and Heaven is as much a real blessing
> to those who believe and pass from this earth.  In witchcraft/wicca, as in
> Hinduism/Buddhism, you have endless regeneration in reincarnation to Nirvana
> or union with the divine soul/Brahma.  In Christ, you have endless, eternal
> life as ONE whole PERSON living in God, and reincarnation is not only
> unnecessary, but an outright DENIAL of sacred Scripture and real, Divine
> Truth.  May God help you learn of His love for you in Christ Jesus.

Sorry, I value my individuality too much to be one part of a whole person.

> In Christ,
> Richard C. August

Bright Blessings,

Joseph A Nagy Jr

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