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> Dear Mr. Nagy,
> Exodus 22:18 says, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."

Stop right there.  The KJV version of the Christian Bible mis-translates the
Hebrew and they do it on purpose.  The true translation is closer to
"sorcerer" or "poisoner".

To quote from (which I heartily
encourage you to read thoroughly):

"There is an additional complication regarding Witchcraft in some English
translations of the Bible. Many versions translate the Hebrew word for evil
sorceress or evil sorcerer as Witch. Some versions also translate the Greek
word for poisoner as Witch. Unfortunately, many Christians read these
mistranslations and assume that the Bible is condemning modern-day Wiccans.
This is an invalid conclusion, because Wiccans are prevented by their main
rule of behavior (the Wiccan Rede) from harming others. Thus they are not
permitted to engage in evil sorcery or to poison people.

Exodus 22:18 may have caused more murders of innocent people than any other
passage in the Bible. Among the 20 versions of the Bible that we sampled, 14
used the term to sorcery; 2 to evil magic, 1 to magic and only 3 to
Witchcraft. The latter were:

 King James Version: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."
 The Promise: Contemporary English Version: "Death is the punishment for
 Revised English Bible: "You must not allow a witch to live."

Some Christians will read these passages and assume that the Bible is
referring to sorcerers. Others will assume that Wiccans are being targeted.
Still others will interpret the passage as referring to one of the more than
10 other definitions of Witch. There is always the possibility that a
mentally unstable person might be motivated to develop homicidal thoughts
against Wiccans after reading this passage in one of these three

Educate yourself.

The Shadow Dancer

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