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> >> I wouldn't know about these things.  The majority of Canadians are in
> >> of equal rights for same sex marriages.  Actually, I believe more
people are
> >> in support of homosexuality than Atheism, which is truly disturbing.
> >
> >I suspect this is just another parsetree-ism, since you didn't even
> >to try to cite your source.
> Since you cited a source (but merely selected a different poll from
> the several listed in that source), it hardly seems to matter.
> >So let's break this down into understandable pieces.  There are 1.9
> >atheists in North America, which means that atheists are less than 0.7%
> >the population
> >
> >Do you deny this?
> Does it matter?
> There are probably a lot of people who are agnostic or who don't care,
> who are not listed as atheists, and there are probably not a small
> number who don't believe but are still members of churches.  But this
> hardly seems relevant, since some churches have no problem with gay
> rights.

Oh, really.  Do you think the Catholic or Epispocal Church agree with that
view right now?

READ:  whether MORONS like you think "some churches have no problem", the
mere idea of "gay rights" is an abomination before God.

> >So, then, how many faggots are there in Canada,
> Does it matter?  The question is whether they should have equal
> rights.

And the answer is that they should NOT have, Biblically, logically, legally,
and by mandate of the MAJORITY public opinion, as expressed in numerous
referendums which THREW OUT the court orders to let faggots into churches.

> >and how many STUPID
> >Canadians really support "equal rights for same sex marriages"?
> I doubt that anyone did an IQ survey of those who had particular
> beliefs on this question.  But I daresay that most of them were not as
> stupid as you.

You "daresay"?  You also "think" that "some churches have no problem", which
makes you a moral minor on top of your thousands of other shortcomings.

> >This, from a CANADIAN source, suggests that the percentage of faggots in
> >tundra-frozen Canada is no greater than the percentage in the brain dead
> >of A.
> >
> >SO YOU ARE RIGHT--FOR A CHANGE.  There actually are more faggots than
> >atheists in Canada, by a whopping 0.3%.
> Wrong question.  The number who practice homosexuality is not the
> percentage that support the rights of homosexuals.


> >More than likely the overlap is
> >almost complete--in other words, MOST of these faggots are atheists (as
> >as feminazis, and maybe even jews), which means that altogether these
> >"liberals" are a REAL small minority of BOTH the US and Canadian
> >populations.
> Some people believe that any minority, no matter how small, deserves
> equal rights, because otherwise it means nothing to call them
> "rights".

And the MAJORITY have a RIGHT, too, which is to live free of faggots,
sodomites, kikes, niggers, feminazis, and other muds [read: "liberals"], a
RIGHT you've never really been able to explain why you "think" should be
denied to that MAJORITY.

This MAJORITY should also not be required to fund the corruptible
"lifestyles" of all you "liberals" either, through federal taxation, or by
any other means.

> >But what about public acceptance of faggots in Canada?  Do you REALLY
> >"think" that faggots are even more accepted in Canada than in the US?
> >according to CANADIAN sources, like the McLean Poll which shows that only
> >43% accept "gay marriages"
> >
> I see you cannot even get the data right, much less the spelling of
> the polling group.
> As noted above, you selected one poll result from this article that
> had several contradictory ones.
> Environics 2001  55% in favor, 41% opposed
> Environics 1999  34% in favor, 34% opposed
> Angus Reed       53% in favor, 44% opposed
> MacLean's        40% in favor, 44% opposed
> Canadian Election Survey
>                                48% of Westerners opposed
>                                45% of Ontarians opposed
> Gallup Canada    43% approved, 48% opposed
> (Note that most of these surveys had approximately that 3% error you
> like to spout off about, yet the actual range of the different samples
> in more like 15%.  And every single one of these polls was
> professionally done rather than being like your ad hoc internet polls.
> Shows how little use polls are in proving something.)

This is not a statistical error, you MORON.  The differences are based on
different polling methodologies, sample sizes, sample selections,
geographies, and other BIASED groupings.

You already KNOW that Gallup is a faggot organization which views sodomy as
a "civil right", which ELIMINATES them as an objective polling house right
off the bat.  But even their airy fairy little polling technique couldn't
raise acceptance of faggots above 43%, could it?

And now we have "Environics" who suddenly sticks through the roof of the
tent as if though they're some kind of social leader, "observing" that
opposition to faggotry decreased from 48% to 37% in only 5 years, at the
same time that airy fairy Gallup says that only 43%  "approve".

Is this some kind of a breakthrough in amorality, or did Environics just
find a new and unique way to LIE, lojbab?

> Now your question was
> >Do you REALLY
> >"think" that faggots are even more accepted in Canada than in the US?
> And it seems that unless you are willing to accept that at least 34%
> of Americans accept homosexuality, the answer has to be "yes".  (Of
> course one could accept homosexuality and still not favor homosexual
> marriages, so the numbers above are probably understated with regard
> to your question.)

There ARE parts of the US where faggotry is more accepted than it is in
normal parts of the US.  jew Yawkers are twice as likely to love faggotry
than normal American citizens, according to jew Yawk Magazine itself
"Compared to a national sample, New Yorkers are twice as likely to support
legalizing gay marriage (60 percent versus 34 percent)"

So compared to jew Yawk, Canadians are FAR less likely to accept faggotry,
and if the jew Yawk Magazine poll can be trusted, Canadians accept faggotry
at *exactly* the same percentage that Americans do, not more.

> >Perhaps Canadians ARE stupid enough to condone sodomy at a greater
> >percentage than Americans do, but that STILL disputes your inaccurate
> >statement that " The majority of Canadians are in favour of equal rights
> >same sex marriages", doesn't it?
> His statement was that he "believed" this, which can be true even if
> the belief is true.  After all, it is a true statement that "I believe
> you are a nincompoop", though it is plausible that you could be an
> intelligent person (maybe even a female black jewish homosexual
> intelligent person) putting us all on.
> There is some basis for his belief, as evidenced by the above polls,
> two of which showed such a majority, but someone can truthfully have a
> belief with no basis.

Of course "someone can truthfully have a belief with no basis"!  This is
something that you're an expert at.  There's no basis for any of your
beliefs.  They ooze out of the same fuzzy "thinking" that this statement
oozed out of.

Here you have Gallup bubbling all over itself proclaiming in May 1999 that
50% of Americans "feel that homosexuality should be considered an acceptable
alternative lifestyle", and just a few MONTHS later many states passed
initiatives to BAN such lifestyles, with only 37% the fruits and nuts from
California opposed to that state ban

ORGANIZATION, not a valid polling organization.

> >iow, this is a FALSE statement which you must acknowledge as FALSE,
> >you can come up with VALID studies or polls which dispute the following
> >dozens of polls.
> It is not a false statement, unless you can prove that he does not
> believe what he says he believes.

Its FALSE statement was "The majority of Canadians are in favour of equal
rights for same sex marriages".  It did not claim this to be a "belief", it
claimed it to be a FACT.  It is not a FACT, so the statement is FALSE.  It
is a FACT that the majority of all world populations oppose "same sex
marriages", which is why they are a CRIME in most countries, a SIN in most
religions, a perversion by sheer logic, and an abomination before God.

John Knight

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