brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> <Cary Kittrell wrote:
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<>         {...}
<> <> <
<> <> <Yes, there are some extremely feminized men in Canada, but this one is
<> <> <girl.
<> <> <
<> <>
<> <>
<> <> Worth saving.  A textbook-perfect demonstration of John's contempt
<> <> for truth.  If it's a fact, and it hinders his campaign, then it's
<> <> expendible.  Reality is most inconvenient at times, so "truth" shall be
<> <> whatever John declares it to be.  End of discussion.
<> <>
<> <> It's merely amusing in this case, of course, but it illustrates with
<> <> great exactitude the extent of his disdain for truth when other, more
<> <> fraught, issues are under discussion.
<> <>
<> <>
<> <> -- cary
<> <
<> <*nods* True, but remember, Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Fact =
<> <Parse Tree is male (I for one believe him on that) and is Canadian (also
<> <believe him on that one). I have no reason to doubt him, yet I think
<> <John is just trying to shove off his one gender identity issues on a
<> <more appealing target.
<> <
<> Well, he's also a bit maladroit at the high art of the insult.
<> He thinks that should ruffle Parse Tree's feathers, something
<> I rather doubt.
<> Over the years he's called me a fag, a Jew, and a girl -- again
<> thinking that these were stinging insults.  But since I've had
<> beloved friends in all three categories, and dear lovers
<> in the last two, these "insults" felt more like the warm
<> fuzzies.
<> <sigh> Just another effect of his misalignment with this world,
<> I suppose.
<> -- cary
<Evidently you missed the point, cary, so let's state this in plainer
<"There are some pathetically feminized 'men' in Canada who's ability to
<reason doesn't rise too much above that of the American 12th grade girls who
<scored lower than if they'd just guessed on ONE THIRD of the TIMSS questions
<at , but I don't believe that any
<of them are as feminized as parsetree is".
<Does this mean that parsetree CANNOT be a "man"?  YES.  Someone who can't
<reason any better than it doesn't even deserve the title, even IF it's a

Sheesh.  Two paragraphs.

Explaining an insult is even lamer, if possible, than explaining
a joke.

I rest my case.

-- cary

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